CyberAgent and DMM Games Unveil the first Girls’ Ice Hockey Project Ever

    CAAnimation, CyberAgent’s animation label, and DMM Games unveiled their mixed-media project PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~, on December 4. The PuraOre! project includes “the first girls’ ice hockey anime ever,” and a corresponding mobile game that is in the works to be released next year.

    Considering that the PuraOre! project is brand new, not a lot is known about it. However, according to the Anime News Network, CAAnimation held auditions for the cast already. Additionally, based on the project’s official Twitter account, Mayu Sagara, who voiced Kasumi Nakasu in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is on the cast list.

    The PuraOre! project’s Twitter account is supposed to reveal another member of the cast every day until December 11th. On December 11th, the official staff and cast for the project will be formally revealed in a live Youtube event at 7:00 pm JST (5:00 am EST).

    CAAnimation and DMM Games said that the anime studio C2C (Challenege to Challenge) would be involved in the PuraOre! project as well. C2C has worked on many anime series like Bleach, Attack on Titan, Baka and Test, the list goes on. Both C2C and CAAnimation would be responsible for the anime production of the project and DMM games would develop the game.

    CyberAgent originally founded CAAnimation in October 2018. According to CyberAgent, CAAnimation focuses on producing original anime, as well as producing possible game adaptations (developed by other CyberAgent subsidiary companies) of those original anime projects. Masaya Ochiai is the label’s executive producer and Hiroyuki Tanaka, who worked on series’ like Yuri!!! on Ice, is the general producer for the label as well.


    In June 2019, CyberAgent announced that CAAnimation’s first project would be ” a multimedia project that will include anime, video games, music, and several other forms of entertainment.” Their first project was supposed to launch this year, but it didn’t happen, for reasons we can probably guess (*cough* COVID *cough*). Although it wasn’t overtly stated, we could speculate that PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~ is CAAnimation’s first project.

    The PuraOre! project is the first ice hockey anime with an all girl cast and it seems to have capable studio to oversee production and a good starting lineup of voice actors. 2021 looks like its going to be the year for sports anime fans to rejoice!

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