Batman Ninja the Show Delayed to Next Year

    Batman Ninja the Show has what may be the best title for an IP in recent times. I kid you not that is the actual title. And it’s been delayed. To next year. Not the start of next year, literally the tail end of next year in October 2021. Which is heartbreaking because never before have I wanted to see something as badly as this. I have so many questions. Most of which are easily answered.

    In case you were wondering, yes Batman Ninja the Show is about the Batman from the comics. Not to be confused with Manbat from the same comics. By the way, Manbat in the Dark Knight comics is super cool. The Dark Knight comics are just super cool. 

    Oh and yes I did do a paragraph break there just to insert an image of Manbat. I’m getting distracted. Essentially, Batman Ninja the Show, is a stage play adaptation of the anime movie of the same name. I don’t know where I was that I missed this movie but holy shit. I’ll get into the specifics of the movie later, trust me it’s going to be a whole thing. 


    But yeah, essentially the stage play has been pushed back to October of 2021. The play was originally slated for October 10th through December 31st of this year. The new schedule for the play is October 1st through December 5th. 

    The play is being performed at Ikebukuro Mixa Theater in Tokyo. Or Mixalive Tokyo. Or Theater Mixer. I’m having to run the official website through google translate to read it so I’m not 100% certain of the title. You know what, here just have a map to it. 

    God, Google map urls are the worst. There you go though, it’s at Mixalive Tokyo. Where it will be performed 172 times, which is insane to me. My source on that is a bit old, so I’m unsure if it’s going to be the same with the revised schedule. But looking at premiere week, which is not included in the above performance count, they are going to be performing it twenty one times. In one week. Well a few days over a week but still. That’s a lot of performances. I had some friends who were theater kids in high school and they were cool, but they wanted to do theater professionally and oh my god I did not realize the dedication that requires. No wonder people say theater nerds are crazy.

    Let’s talk about pricing though. Currently only premier week tickets are on sale. The lowest price available is 3,500 yen, which is roughly $33. For that you get a ticket into the theater. I think you get a seat. I know for a fact you are on the second floor. You get into the theater though, that’s nice.

    Second ticket is listed at 5,500 yen, or a little over $50. These are also on the second floor, but are called “Stage View Tickets”. So I’m not sure what this implies about the prior seat tier, but let’s just hope they also are able to view the stage.


    Now we get to the fun part. The premier premier week ticket. This one is about $75 and you get a first floor seat. So already you have better seats that are closer to the stage. But! That’s not all! (I feel like a salesman making a pitch) You also get your choice of selectable goods. You can only get these through the premier ticket purchase. Your choices are a diecast Batman Kunai, or a Joker fan. Both come with wooden boxes for safekeeping.

    Before I close this article off I want to talk a little about the Batman Ninja movie. Before I begin, don’t worry, I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t launch into a tangent about the history of Batman and comics and that sort. I do however want to talk about this movie and why I honestly think it’s pretty great.

    First off, I do have to say that the movie is full CG. I realize that’s a huge turnoff for some people. I can respect that. Hell, I’m still traumatized from the CG Berserk adaptation. Just more proof that Berserk will never have an anime that lives up to the manga. But this is different. This isn’t going to pull a Berserk on you and start off looking decent before nose diving into being awful.

    There’s a good summary of how I feel. Thank you Demo for being there for me to summarize how I feel. And more importantly, thank you Demo for not leaving us like daddy Kentaro.

    Wait I was supposed to talk about Batman Ninja wasn’t I. Let’s get back to that.


    Maybe I can convince you to be into this movie by reading off the cast. The character designer is one Takashi Okazaki, aka the man behind Afro Samurai. So we are off to a rocking start with the cast. The director, Junpei Mizusaki, was the one who created the absolutely fantastic JoJo openings for parts one two and three. The CG ones that are dope as hell. The screenwriter, Kazuki Nakashima, wrote for Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill. And the music was done by Yugo Kanno, who has also worked on JoJo making the music for part four. This is an all star crew. These guys know what they are doing.

    The one truly upsetting part of the movie is the fact they couldn’t get Mark Hammel to do the Joker. That’s my main critique. It’s a fun movie, which is really all I ask for in Batman stuff. There was also a manga adaptation of the movie if you really want to see it but just can’t stand CG. 

    Okay let’s summarize what we learned today. The play is running from October 1st to December 5th 2021 in Tokyo. Ticket prices for premier week are $33, $50, and $75. Currently we have no announced prices for the main bulk of the performances. 

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