Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Reveals Information About Film and Show

    Here’s the news. Sayonara Watashi no Cramer, or Farewell, My Dear Cramer in English, has released some information about both its movie and television show. The release includes names of cast, directors, music, and other important things like that. We’ll go over it all in a second here don’t worry. I’m also going to try something new here in that I’m actually going to break up my paragraphs in terms of information, that way you can skip ahead if you don’t care about whatever it is I’m talking about.

    Let’s start with plot synopsis, or just what the hell this is, because honestly I had no idea what this was when I heard of it. I hate the fact that my initial assumption was that this was an anime adaptation of Seinfeld starring Kramer. I don’t know why that would be a thing or why I even assumed as much. Hell it’s spelled completely differently. God I really didn’t think I’d be talking about Seinfeld today. I do not want to talk about Seinfeld today. 

    Farewell, My Dear Cramer is an upcoming show based on the manga of the same name. That manga is the sequel to Sayonara, Football. It’s about people playing soccer/football/the kicking ball sport. Look I don’t know how much information you want from me on this, but it’s a sports anime. There’s not a lot to say. And that’s coming from someone who does enjoy a good sports anime. The only good description of this show comes from the TVTropes page on it, and personally I feel a little weird using something as a professional source when the words “A-Cup Angst” are directly underneath the description.


    To summarize. It’s a sports anime about a sport. The first one, Sayonara, Football, takes place in middle school while the sequel, Farewell, My Dear Cramer, takes place in high school. None of the main characters are named Cramer. Or Kramer. Damn you Seinfeld.

    Now that we are done with plot, let’s move on to cast. First off we have Miyuri Shimabukuro playing Nozomi Onda. I believe Nozomi is one of the main characters. For reference, Miyuri has been in Fruits Basket, Fire Force, and Ancient Magus Bride. Ya know, I may just give every VA their own paragraph for spacing. That seems reasonable.

    Up next we have Shion Wakayama as Sawa Echizen. Sawa is someone. I am not sure. I’m going to be saying that a lot. Shion has been in Gundam. Oh and Doctor Stone.

    Kouki Uchiyama is playing Tetsuji Yamada. Once again, not sure who the character is. I’m sure someone will be upset with me for not knowing, but I don’t exactly have enough time to read every manga. Kouki has been in Yuri on Ice, as well as Devilman Crybaby, and Gundam.

    There was an alternate of this image that was super close cropped, and while hilarious, was not a good photo.

    Ryota Ohsaka plays Kaoru Takei. See previous for character details. Ryota has been in Haikyu, Gundam, and Overlord. Oh! He’s also in JoJo! Nice.

    Ryoko Shiraishi plays Junpei Onda. Ryoko has been in Gundam, Demon Slayer, oh and Hellsing Ultimate! Hell yeah! Oh and she was also in Lupin III. And Monogatari! Wow she’s actually been in a ton of stuff I like. Major props for that.

    Moving on from my fangirling, Koji Yusa is playing Kozo Sameji. Koji has been in Overlord, Gundam, Mob Psycho, and Initial D.

    He looks sad in this image. Maybe that’s just me

    Shimba Tsuchiya is playing Yasuaki Tani. Shimba has not been in Gundam.

    Great! Now let’s move on to the production crew. Both the movie and show are being directed by Seiki Takuno. He’s worked on Idolmaster– which means he is indirectly responsible for Berserk’s constant hiatus. Damn Kentaro and his Idolmaster addiction. The script is being written by Natuko Takahashi. He’s done script writing for FMA and other big name shows. Character Design is by Eriko Ito. I am unfamiliar with his work (I think) so I wont be listing it. Yes that’s how these lists work. I list what I know and/or like. Finally, Masaru Yokotama is composing the music. He’s actually composed for a few shows I really like, such as Arakawa Under the Bridge, Fruits Basket, Interviews With Monster Girls, hell the guy did music for Your Lie in April– a show that has a drop dead gorgeous soundtrack. He also did music for Gundam. Figured I should mention that.


    That’s pretty much it as far as news goes. Both the show and movie will be debuting April 2021, barring any delays. Those seem to be common recently so keep your ear to the ground.

    The art is actually super crisp. It has a really good energy to it while also being loose enough that you can see pen strokes. You can really tell it was done by hand in a physical medium. A lack of backgrounds but that’s a personal gripe. Yeah this is really good. I might have to read this for the art.

    Wait. Hold up a second. I am just finding out that the dude who wrote Your Lie in April, the beautiful show I mentioned, also wrote the manga for Farewell, My Dear Cramer. I had no idea. Well damn, guess I’m going to have to read the manga. The trailer for the anime/movie is below.

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