Jump Festa 2021 Adapts to a Pandemic World With New Features and New Hype

    Fans of Shueisha’s Jump magazine collection can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that Japan’s Jump Festa 2021 will not be canceled. Instead, Shueisha plans to hold the most recent of its yearly expositions via an online-only format in consideration of ongoing COVID-19 risks. As such, the celebration will be held this December 19-20 in a virtual theme park named “Jump Fest Island.”

    Promotional screenshot from the upcoming web and mobile applications for Jump Festa 2021 / Jump Festa 2021 Online, Shueisha

    Japanese players will be able to access the theme park through Jump Festa’s official website or using the mobile app “Jump Festa 2021 Online.” There, they will choose among original player avatars drawn by Jump artists, and then attend minigames and events throughout the virtual area.

    Examples of some controllable player avatars / Jump Festa 2021 Online, Shueisha

    In terms of attractions, Jump Festa 2021 Online will reportedly include a “Jump Super Stage,” along with “Jump Studio” and “Jump AmusemenTower.” Attendees will also be able to go to the “Maker’s Theater” for specialized content from Jump authors and artists, and can use the “Jump Fes Store” to buy more content from those creators. In addition, the “Zebrack Library” offers access to free manga.

    Promotional screenshot featuring the player avatar within the virtual world / Jump Festa 2021 Online, Shueisha

    Some well-known franchises have already started hyping up their involvement in Festa. On October 16, Dragon Ball Super and Heroes‘ artist Toyotaro teased his connection to the upcoming event by tweeting “I’m also a little involved,” sending fans into a speculation frenzy about the possibility of a special announcement.

    Other franchises to be involved include The Promised Neverland, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Jujutsu Kaisen, and One Piece. According to pop culture news site ComicBook, each of the aforementioned names “currently has some major developments in the works,” meaning fans can look forward to some more “surprises” related to them during Festa.


    People have also been rumoring that the acclaimed manga Chainsaw Man will see an anime adaptation, and that the adaptation will be announced during Festa. The rumor comes at the heels of information from Jump Festa’s website that there will be a presentation focused on the gory yet captivating manga.

    For further scrutiny of Jump Festa 2021’s schedule, head over to Twitter user @WSJ_manga’s two-part thread:

    Jump Festa 2021 continues a long line of Shueisha expos since 1999. Prior to this year’s dramatic changes, Jump Festas routinely drew over a hundred thousand visitors and acted as a launching pad for many new manga and anime and games — while also granting publicity for popular creators whether they be artists or game developers and companies. Even with this year’s online format, the expo seeks to continue its task of combining well-established and new attractions to keep the Jump community strong and healthy.

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