Gin Tama: The Final Novel

    Gin Tama’s final film, Gin Tama The Final, will get a new novel adaptation by Mirei Miyamoto on January 8th, 2021, the same day as the film’s Japanese release.

    While The Final can be a bit of an iffy term for anyone who has followed anime or manga, (Looking at you The Last: Naruto the Movie), as it is rarely the end, especially for a series as big as Gin Tama. Spanning 77 volumes, 367 Episodes, 6 OVA’s, 7 light novels, 3 animated films, and 2 live-action films, an ending to Gin Tama seems like a fantasy. But here for are! Will this be the end for our white-haired heartthrob or just the beginning of something new? (Considering how difficult it was to get the original mangaka to finish the series, this may actually be it.)

    The End???

    Gin Tama, originally written and drawn by Hideaki Sorachi, follows Gintoki Sakata as he and his friends, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, struggle through the futuristic, Sci-Fi Edo Landscape in order to make rent. What originally started off as a relatively light, humor manga, slowly evolved to include deeper lore and more emotional character interactions.


    You can stream the first 48 episodes of Gin Tama in english on Hulu now.

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