Fire Force Episode 46 Review

    I’m not gonna lie, this episode really didn’t have a lot to it. Don’t get me wrong, things happen and we get a fair amount of exposition. But overall this episode was really anti-climactic, especially after the cliffhanger from the last episode.

    Firstly we get to see how the fight between Arthur, Shinra, and Dr. Giovanni ends. Spoiler alert: Arthur and Shinra win. Wow! OMG! No one saw that coming at all! How did they do it? Well, it turns out Arthur came through and decapitated Giovanni and caused a bug explosion that would put the Oogie Boogie man to shame.

    Although the fight itself was extremely underwhelming, during the fight we do get some exposition that helps move the story along. We learn that Sho is alive, but he’s incapacitated and Haumea has turned him into a doll. (yikes) We also learn why Shinra can link with people who don’t have Adolla Bursts like Giovanni and Liutennant Konro. Giovanni explains that people who have Adolla Bursts or have connected with Adolla on some level can establish links. But this discovery leaves Shinra and the audience with more questions than answers.

    On the bright side, Maki comes back and gives us another reason to acknowledge her as the best girl in Fire Force. Not only does she come to the Nether, against her family’s orders, but she singlehandedly, directs a lot of flames to an area below the Nether facility that they were in. We stan.


    Maki also works with her brother to help him understand how the 8th company operates. And to Tagaki’s credit, he starts to understand a little bit. Tagaki still doesn’t like Hinawa and he’s still kind of annoying but everything is as it should be. In the end, Maki returns to the 8th, and the team is back together. Hooray! Maki’s family still worries about her, but at least now they acknowledge that Maki is strong both physically and mentally. Most importantly, her family respects and supports Maki’s decision to stay at the 8th. We stan.

    Also, we learn that Juggernaut is alive. He’s a little worse for wear considering he lost an arm and a leg in his epic fight two episodes ago. But the big potato boy is alive. We also get to see a genuinely tender moment between Tamaki and Juggernaut, which means that more character development for these two may occur soon. We also see Captain Honda commend Tamaki for keeping Juggernaut safe. Tamaki tried to brush off the compliment by saying that she was the one being protected, and named all the people that protected her. But Honda said that without the 8ths help, the 2nd company would have been wiped out. This is important because it shows that for better or worse Tamaki is a part of the 8th and her efforts do mean something. Which is nice.

    I’m extremely happy that Maki is back at the 8th company and I’m elated that Juggernaut is alive. I’m glad that the story is progressing in a way that Shinra will get to learn more about Adolla links and Adolla. I can’t say that I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode, but I can say that this episode was okay. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

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