Super Nintendo World Opens February 4, 2021

    Early today, Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo announced that the Super Nintendo World amusement park will officially open on February 4, 2021. Alongside the announcement, promotional photos of the park were released, showcasing the wide variety of Nintendo-themed attractions.

    The theme park was originally set to open during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. However, the pandemic postponed the opening to Spring 2021. The February opening date is actually earlier than fans expected.

    A Nintendo-themed cafe and merchandise store also opened on October 16th, 2020. Visitors were able to eat Mario or Luigi-themed pancakes, drink from a Super Mushroom-shaped bottle, and more!

    Photo by Universal Studios, Nintendo, and The Verge

    Super Nintendo World will have visitors wear a “Power Up Band” that will help immerse them within the video game world. The band connects to a mobile app visitors need to download and will track their digital activities as they venture around the park. Visitors can collect coins, compete against others, and unlock achievements. The mobile app will also have a familiar video game-style overhead map of the park so that visitors can find attractions. There’s no more information as to what visitors will gain from collecting coins and competing against others. Hopefully, the number of coins you collect can be exchanged for some Nintendo-themed rewards!

    Photo by Nintendo

    Super Nintendo World’s main attraction will be the Mario Kart-themed ride. There are two tracks to the ride so that riders can feel like they’re racing against each other. However, the vehicle is attached to the rail for the safety of park visitors. So, it won’t be a free-reign competition like we’re used to in the Mario Kart games.

    Photo by Universal Studios and Nintendo

    The Mario Kart ride will take place in Bowser’s Castle and riders will wear AR headsets shaped like Mario’s cap. According to Bloomberg, the park also plans on expanding to include a Donkey Kong-themed area.

    Photo by Universal Studios and Nintendo
    Photo by Universal Studios, Nintendo, and The Verge

    The park is working with health officials to make sure that visitors and staff will stay safe and healthy. Currently, they plan on operating at 50% capacity.

    Luckily, Super Nintendo World will not be Japan-exclusive. Universal Studios and Nintendo plan on opening a location at Universal Studios Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in the United States. Construction has paused for the time being due to the pandemic.

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