Yuri On Ice Movie Gets an Update

    Oh my god, we might actually be getting the Yuri on Ice movie soon. Maybe. Hopefully. The movie is a guaranteed thing by the way, It’s just a matter of when. The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because the films official twitter posted saying that they are continuing development. However, they also added that they have yet to reach a point where they would feel comfortable giving a release date. Read for yourself below.

    The same PR message can also be read on the official Yuri on Ice website. Hey, at least it’s something right? I’m just happy that we’re getting an update. Any news is good news as they say. Of course I’m pretty sure when they say that it’s normally in a negative situation. 

    We also got an official release of the movie’s teaser trailer. The trailer has been aired once before, during an official screening event for the Anime. This was back in January 2019. However, they never posted the teaser trailer online until now. I love being able to say “until now” it’s such a fun phrase. So ominous. It’s delightful.

    The movie was initially announced back in April 2017, though it was delayed in September 2019 in order for the team to “substantially scale up the content more than originally planned.” Which I think is usually a good thing. It is possible to bite off more than you can chew, and even movies can be subject to feature creep.

    Now, on to the summary. Yes it’s that time of the article again. Yuri on Ice is an ice skating anime about Yuri and Yuri. Yes there are two characters with the same name, yes this will get confusing. Pretty much Yuri and Yuri want Victor, a Russian ex-skater, to be their coach. Victor has them compete in a contest to see who he will coach. Yuri wins, leaving Yuri feeling dejected. Yuri then decides that he’s going to go and try to win the grand prix, with Yuri doing the same. Simple enough.

    The show is pretty good. The animation can be here and there, but the actual skating animation (the real meat of it all) is wonderful which is most likely because they had professional ice skaters provide choreography for the skating routines. I love that. 

    I do want to mention the fact that this show actually does a good job with showing a same-sex relationship. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate that it doesn’t go yaoi on me and turn it into a “subtle” outlet for someone’s fetish. It’s an actual relationship. You have no idea how much I love seeing realistic depictions of relationships in shows. Oh and it also doesn’t feel like some unimportant shoehorned-in side plot. A show with a romantic focus that gets it right. Good. 

    But let’s get back to the movie. In case you decided to not watch the trailer and want me to just tell you what happens in it, it shows a young version of Victor skating in the Olympics, so it appears to be a prequel.

    We also have a good portion of the original production crew returning. We have the original director Sayo Yamamoto, Character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu, and musical composers Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba. The original choreographer, Kenji Miyamoto, is also returning. Yet another thing to be excited about that.

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