Yashahime: Princes Half Demon Episode 4

    After a minor time skip with Moroha and Setsuna getting acclimated to modern-day Japan, Moroha reveals that she knows how to get the three of them back to the past so they can slay the butterfly that has been causing Setsuna insomnia for her entire life. They went over this last episode too, but it is a pretty good example of Inuyasha’s exposition dumping as we as viewers have never seen this butterfly before. Besides that, though, we have an overall great episode.

    The crux is a genuinely heartfelt moment between Sota and Towa. I have said this previously, but Sota has provided some genuine pathos in this series that I wasn’t expecting. With the knowledge that Towa is about to leave for the feudal era, Sota looks through old photos of his sister Kagome, the last person who left him for the past. There’s a subtle sadness to this comparison, as you realize that this episode is mostly about Sota having to let go again and being okay as he knows what must occur. It’s sweet and now that the three main characters are back in Feudal Japan, it’s unfortunate that we won’t be getting as many familial moments.

    The Crew

    And this Sota interaction shows us what sets this series apart from the original Inuyasha. Where Inuyasha was at its core, a romance, Yashahime is also a relationship piece, but through familial dynamics. None of the three heroines appear to be pursuing each other. and much of the drama is dependent on the Towa/Setsuna sister dynamic and the Towa/Higarashi dynamic.

    It is genuinely refreshing and offers a story where I don’t really know where it will end in regard to the characters dynamics with one another. Initial Inuyasha sort of had the characters cement their dynamics about a tenth in, so we have to wait to see how that proceeds here.

    Oh and Kikyo is back. Sort of. Fans were worried when Kikyo showed up in the previews last week as they felt like she has had enough, (I mean, how many times can you be thrown off a mountain before it gets ridiculous) but instead we see that she is the personified Tree Of Ages. We’re only in episode 4 but we’re already given new, ominous characters in the form of the Tree, hinting at the larger lore of the story with Sesshomaru and his kingdom, and mystery with an adult Rin sleeping within the Tree of Ages.

    Aforementioned Rin

    Now that our main trio has made it back into Feudal Japan, we can get a taste for the demon fighting shenanigans and see where this series is going.

    Episode Highlights: Kagome’s Grandfather gives Moroha one of his signature gifts and she actually accepts it with joy. Despite still being vague on how much Moroha knows about her immediate family, these interactions coming early allow for the show to gift us with a comfort that is usually clogged by slow exposition.

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