Violet Evergarden Movie Remains in Top Ten for Ten Weeks

    So, ten weeks huh. I must admit that’s pretty impressive. You may be wondering, top ten what? That’s kind of a vague titles James. Don’t worry we’ll get to that soon. But first, the preamble. Now the movie came out September 18th, 2020, which makes this upcoming week just about ten. I realize the specifics of whether or not it’s been exactly ten weeks doesn’t matter, but it’s a sticking point for me and I write about stupid sticking points.

    Anyways, since its release, the Violet Evergarden movie has sat in the top ten of the Japanese box office releases for the last ten weeks or so. Oh, and its made about two billion yen. You know, just a casual two billion. I notice I keep writing articles about how much money these great movies make and then it reminds me I’m broke and that’s unfortunate.

    On the films opening week it ranked at the number two slot right after some movie called Tenet. What’s Tenet you ask? Who the hell knows that’s not what this article is about. (Author’s Note: I realize now that Tenet is an American movie that you more than likely actually do know about. Whoops, I guess.) Point being is, number two on opening week is damn good. As of the time of writing it occupies the number eight slot. I’d include a link but I fear it may be outdated by the time you read this. Well, here it is anyways just in case you want to check it out

    The movie was initially slated to premiere January 10th of 2020; however it was postponed due to the July 18th arson attacks on Kyoto studios. The movie was rescheduled to April 24th, 2020 and once again, everything seemed to be on course. However, as you are all aware, the COVID 19 pandemic would proceed to make itself know in the following months. The movie would need to be rescheduled again and again as the epidemic dragged on and continues to drag on. However, as you have read above it would eventually find its release date on September 18th.

    Sorry things got serious there, I just felt weird joking in that paragraph. Let’s move on shall we. For those of you that don’t know, Violet Evergarden is a show that hurt me. That’s what’s important. Few things are good enough to worm their way into my heart and kill me from the inside but this is one of them. The general plot synopsis I keep finding is “girl becomes maid or writer or something I dunno” and that’s a bad summary. You know what, screw reading a summary, just watch it. Let it remind you that an important part of being human is feeling emotions. And then get hurt. Maybe I’m just sensitive. I think I can live with that.

    I have yet to see the movie but I have heard nothing but good things. It seems that if you loved the show you will love this movie. Which is nice to hear. I look forward to watching it. Which is a good segue to the fact that Anime Limited has gained the rights to the Violet Evergarden movie and is planning on a cinema release sometime in 2021 should Covid allow. They are also planning on home releases. Now the unfortunate fact is Anime Limited is a UK company that usually does European releases. So unless you are visiting the isles any time soon chances are you wont be seeing it. Although who knows, maybe you live in Europe somewhere. I honestly have no idea.

    The point is that this is a step in the right direction. While those of us stateside don’t have a proper source yet, it seems that we are getting closer. I’ll do my best to keep you informed should that happen. And if I don’t catch it, I can guarantee one of my colleagues will. They’re really good at this.

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