Rising of The Shield Hero Gets Mobile Game

    So, more isekai news. Rising of the Shield Hero is getting its own mobile game. It’s going to be for iOS and Android. Which I’m pretty sure is most phones. In any case, I’m placing bets now that it’s another gacha game. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just broke as it is, and I don’t want to lose even more of my money on what amounts to online gambling for pictures of waifus. 

    The game is currently open to pre-registration and is giving out rewards depending on how many people pre-register. So far it appears they’ve only hit the first goal. Which is some kind of coins I think? There’s two types so one is probably an obtainable in game currency, and the other you get with real world money. Like all mobile games. Sorry, if it seems like I have something against mobile games, I do.

    That’s pretty much all we have in terms of information about the game. We know practically nothing. We don’t even know the core systems and mechanics. Literally it says “Coming Soon” under the system tab of the website. We know three of the characters that’ll be in the game but they’re the core characters from the show so that’s unsurprising.

    The game is an RPG. I guess we know that. But honestly the term RPG applies to so much that who even knows what that really means. Do they mean we’re going to get proper role playing like Baldur’s Gate or The Witcher series? Or maybe something more linear story based like the Final Fantasy series? (Note: I’m not saying that the Final Fantasy games are linear, I mean that the story itself is linear, you don’t get as much depth of character choices as you would in, say, Witcher 3. A dumb thing to make a note on, but someone is going to complain.) All of those are great games but mechanically and conceptually they are very different. Hell, evidently DOTA 2 counts as an RPG.

    The definition of RPG has become muddled recently, to the point that the game saying it’s an RPG tells me nothing. Personally when I think RPG I think tabletop games like D&D because they are something that I spent a lot of time playing. But not everyone is going to think that. These things, like all things, are a matter of opinion.

    Because someone is going to ask, I’ll give a summary of Shield Hero.


    It’s an Isekai.

    What, was that not enough of a summary? How much more do you want? Here: An average social loser all of a sudden finds himself transported to a magical world where he can finally make a difference. There’s your summary. 

    Ugh, fine. I guess there is more to it, but all in all, it’s a pretty standard isekai. I’m not going to judge if that’s your thing, it’s just not for me. Also, I’m just not a big fan of the show. I doubt that surprised anyone seeing how much of an ass I’ve been in this article.

    I suppose the most important part of this is if those of us state side/not in Japan will be able to gain access to it. Based on the rest of this article can you hazard a guess as to what the answer is? Yeah, we don’t know. 

    For as rude as I’ve been in this article I am sorry that it’s been sparse, it’s just that news about this game is sparse. Putting aside my personal bias and opinions, I enjoy writing on this stuff, but it’s hard to do when you can’t find anything to write about. I have put in more time digging than I should and came up empty handed. I’ll do my best to let you know when more info comes out, that’ll be my deal to you. I’ll still be a dick about it, but I will let you know.

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