Tokyo Ghoul’s Sui Ishida Teases New Manga

    Sui Ishida, the mangaka of Tokyo Ghoul, posted on his Twitter account that he finished the storyboard for his next manga. This new manga series will be titled Chо̄jin X, or Superhuman X

    The teaser photo Ishida posted on his Twitter post does not reveal much about the plot of his new series. However, judging from the tones of his previous works, we can expect the series to be within the supernatural and/or psychological horror genre. Below is an enlarged copy of the photo posted on Ishida’s Twitter account.

    Photo by Sui Ishida

    The drawing depicts a human looking up at what seems to be a humanoid amphibian. From my speculation, it seems that the human looks up at the other in a desirable way, almost as if they want the other. It is possible that this new series will take the same path as Tokyo Ghoul, where the protagonist intertwines themselves with a supernatural realm they were once unaware of. However, it seems as if the human wants to be apart of the supernatural realm, whereas in Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki was forced into it. 

    Ishida’s past seinen manga, Tokyo Ghoul, is incredibly popular to this day despite already completing its publication. The story follows Kaneki Ken, a college student, who is attacked by a ghoul and becomes victim to an accident in a construction site. After he was rushed to the hospital, the doctor replaced Kaneki’s organs with that of the now-dead ghoul’s, resulting in Kaneki transforming into a ghoul. Kaneki now must adapt to his new-found lifestyle and traverse the unknown world of the ghouls. The series is dark since the reader witnesses first hand Kaneki’s multiple psychological breaks and his complete loss of innocence.

    Photo by Sui Ishida

    Tokyo Ghoul’s popularity resulted in an anime adaptation, a non-canon anime sequel (Tokyo Ghoul √A), and an equally popular manga sequel (Tokyo Ghoul:re). Tokyo Ghoul √A was released January 2015 and lasted 12 episodes. While Tokyo Ghoul √A is referred to as Tokyo Ghoul‘s second season, Tokyo Ghoul √A‘s content does not follow the original storyline depicted in the manga. Rather, Tokyo Ghoul √A is an alternate timeline, where Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree. Tokyo Ghoul:re, the sequel to the Tokyo Ghoul manga, began publishing in October 2014 and finished July 2018. The sequel was also adapted into an anime, which lasted two seasons (24 episodes total).

    Haven’t seen/read Tokyo Ghoul? Make sure to read the manga instead of watching the anime. Reasons as to why can be read here.

    Hopefully, Ishida will provide us with more clues as to what Chо̄jin X, will be about, as well as a possible release date.  

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