Fire Force Episode 45 Review (Spoilers)

    Wow! This episode was an experience. Even though this episode was really combat-heavy, as most Fire Force episodes are, a lot happens. Because this episode is so scattered, I’ll be analyzing it in parts.

    Firstly, let’s pay some respect to the GOAT Juggernaut! After he sacrificed himself to help Tamaki in the last episode, poor Juggernaut is down and looking really hurt. It looks like he might be dead, but I’m willing to hope that he’s not. It would be cruel to lose Juggernaut after he finally got some quality character development. But I digress. After seeing Juggernaut sacrifice himself to save her, Tamaki steels herself and begins to face off against a lot of Infernals to protect Juggernaut’s body, and find a way to the surface! This is actually a treat because we rarely get to see Tamaki fight and win after she joined the 8th. Not to mention, Tamaki’s firepower increased a lot, because of her determination and anger and the visual effect was pretty stunning.

    We stan.

    Secondly in this episode, we see Dr. Giovanni again (hooray!). He and Shinra face-off, but we don’t get much out of this battle because the episode ends on a cliffhanger. The fight mostly shows Shinra yelling at Giovanni to tell him what he did to his body and landing ineffective attacks. Giovanni eventually discloses that he experimented on his body with insects and found out that he has a natural affinity for them. So essentially, Giovanni made himself into a human-insect hybrid complete with insect legs that can pierce and feelers that can reveal the thoughts of his opponent. Aesthetically speaking… it’s genuinely horrifying. Additionally, this means trouble for Shinra, because Dr. Giovanni is one of the more difficult opponents he’s faced so far. Fortunately, Arthur shows up later in the episode, so hopefully, this means that we get to see a good fight that Shinra has a chance of winning.

    Insect Giovanni

    Thirdly, Lieutenant Hinawa and Maki’s brother Tagaki are fighting this guy from the White Clad who can harden his skin. Considering, that Hinawa depends on firearms for combat, an opponent who is essentially impenetrable is a bit difficult to fight. One would think, that Tagaki would work together with Hinawa and keep his opinions to himself. Unfortunately, Tagaki decides to take this time to be petty as hell. Whenever a brief moment in the fight occurs, the only thing Tagaki can think to do is ask questions about Maki and take every opportunity to throw shade at the lieutenant. It’s actually pretty annoying.

    The Disrespect (feat Hinawa)

    Granted, Tagkai and Hinawa win the fight, and we learn that their abilities compliment each other very well. But, this victory takes a backseat to the argument and shade-throwing. I understand that Tagaki is worried about his sister because he went up against the White Clad and got super hurt. I also understand that Tagaki is already biased against Hinawa because he blames him for Maki leaving the military. However, the fact that Tagaki is so stubborn that he refuses to listen to Hinawa’s side or even Maki’s side is extremely irritating. It’s like watching Hinawa trying to talk to a brick wall and it’s especially frustrating because we know how strong Maki is and we probably remember how she handled herself in the Nether. I really hope that when this arc is done, the conflict between the Oze family and the 8th ends. I miss Maki at the 8th and (again) Tagaki’s character is genuinely irritating.

    The Disrespect part 2.

    Towards the end of the episode, Tamaki gets reinforcements and her battle ends. She’s alive but a little worse for wear. We see Captain Obi and Captain Tagushi take out some minor White Clad soldiers in one blow, so that’s cool. Licht catches up to the 8th and the 2nd and eventually figures out that the White Clad plans to blow up the facility that everyone is standing in. The episode ends on a cliffhanger where we see Ritsu surrounded by the Infernals she made out of the dead Fire soldiers from the second company. All in all, aside from Tagaki being obnoxious, this was a decent episode. I want to see what happens to the facility and I curious to see how well Shinra and Arthur work together to beat Giovanni.

    Behold Ritsu and all of her zombies!

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