Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 3

    Episode 3, here it is people. And I have to reveal a secret. I was not really feeling Yashahime at first. Please! Put down your pitchforks! I know I have spoken of anime heresy, but tis the truth. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it’s the significantly worse art style, the tropey character motivations, and overall maddening depression suffocating me, but I was not looking forward to this week’s episode. I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. I had Adventure Time opened on another tab (side note: watch Adventure Time if you want an anime alternative). But then I watched episode 3 and now I’m feeling something.

    She’s Just as Shocked as I Am

    Episode 3 has clicked. And really, I have no one to blame for my initial hesitance other than myself. Because of streaming and the immediate gratification, I have come to expect from an era of perpetual stimulation, I was ready to write of Yashahime simply for not enticing me by episode 1. For shame, for shame. And if I had dropped this, like I might have otherwise done, I’d be missing out on what looks like a good show.

    Episode 3 has our main cast of “Princess Half-Demons”, Towa, Moroha, Setsuna, meeting in the modern era as they vanquish a demon and attempt to understand each other. But by far the MVP of this episode and this series so far has to be Kagome’s, younger brother Sota. He’s all grown up now and having a more prominent role in the story than I was expecting. He’s kind, supportive of Towa and the others, and has general ease that keeps the story from taking itself too seriously.

    After a giant, naked centipede woman (Mistress Centipede) attacks the girls, he tells his wife “oh, I told you demons were real right?” and she just smiles, “yes you did.” And that’s what’s giving this series its charm. The matter of fact silliness of the demon shenanigans. Much like the original show, this allows us to steamroll through what would normally be heavy exposition.

    Every Character Here is Fantastic

    I know I haven’t talked much about the plot of the episode, but it’s standard Inuyasha hijinks. Demon wants magic orbs (this time there are 3 instead of the original Shikon Jewel) and they kill it and then info dump information you either had no way of knowing or know too much (3 episodes in and I’ve already seen Towa and Setsuna get separated as children more than once in typical Inuyasha style) and then we set up the next episode.

    Episode Highlight #1: Sota is straight-up saying, “oh my mom thinks Moroha is probably Kagome’s daughter,” and that’s it! Everyone’s cool with it. The show doesn’t drag out the obvious “twist” that the only way you could possibly not know is by never watching the promotional trailers or art or you don’t have basic common sense. Any of the three.

    Episode Highlight #2: Kaede. Freaking Kaede is still doing what she does best; giving sage advice, delivering exposition and just being the best character. May she live long and eternal.

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