One Piece Season 11 Dub Announced

    Toei Animation officially announced the dub for One Piece Season 11, Voyage 1 on November 18th. This season’s release will cover the first couple episodes of the Dressrosa Arc, which will conclude the Punk Hazard Arc. 

    The Punk Hazard Arc began its dub with Funimation back in late 2019. After taking a long hiatus from dub creation, Funimation announced in October 2019 that they would resume dubbing One Piece with the Punk Hazard Arc. Funimation released episodes as fast as they could, resulting in episodes 575-628 being fully dubbed over the past year.

    Photo by Eiichiro Oda

    Season 11, Voyage 1 plans to be the longest dubbed arc, according to Comicbook. If you haven’t caught up yet, you can check out the One Piece dub on Funimation!

    The dub will be released digitally through Microsoft and SONY Playstation Network and fans will be able to watch it starting December 1st. There haven’t been any signs or announcements of any physical releases of Season 11, Voyage 1. Unfortunately, avid physical copy collectors must wait. There also haven’t been any announcements if the dub will be available to stream through Funimation. 

    Photo by Eiichiro Oda

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