‘So I’m a Spider, So What?’ Anime’s New Promo Reveals…A lot

    The second trailer for the anime So I’m a Spider, So What? was released on the official website on Thursday. The trailer reveals the release date for the anime, a cast list, the credits for the opening song, and the trailer references the source material. The trailer is currently available on Youtube. Crunchyroll is also streaming an English-subtitled version of the trailer, but it won’t be available in Asia. 

    So I’m a Spider, So What? will premiere in Japan on January 8, 2021. The series will be shown on AT-XTokyo MXBS11KBS KyotoSun TV, and TV Aichi. Crunchyroll will be simulcasting the series as it airs in Japan so American viewers can enjoy it too (yay!). So I’m a Spider, So What? was supposed to premiere this year, but the pandemic affected the show’s production schedule. Gee Thanks, COVID!

    So I’m a Spider, So What? is based on the light novels by Okina Baba. The story is an isekai that takes place in a world where the hero and the demon king are constantly fighting. The magic from their fight crosses into another world and ends up exploding in a classroom, thus killing the students inside. The students that died in the classroom are reincarnated into a fantasy world. (Wow, amazing! We’ve never seen this before!)

    The meat of the story centers around an unnamed protagonist, who is reincarnated as a one-meter-long monster spider. But she accepts this fate and adapts to her new life and situation quickly. As the series goes on, we follow the protagonist as she survives in this new world, and we hopefully find out what happened to her classmates.

    Aoi Yūki will play the protagonist in So I’m a Spider, So What? Other cast members include Shun Horie as Shun, Nao Tōyama as Katia, Kaito Ishikawa as Hugo, Yui Ogura as Sue, Eri Kitamura as Fei, Kaya Okuno as Filimøs, Aimi Tanaka as Yuri, and Junya Enoki as Julius.

    Shin Itagaki is directing So I’m a Spider, So What?, along with Shinichiro Ueda. Baba is collaborating with Yūichirō Momose, who is the head writer for the anime. Takashi Sakurai is in charge of editing, and Kazuo Yamaguchi is the CG director. EXSA is the CG animation studio that produced So I’m a Spider, So What? and ENGI helped with CG animation production. 

    Kii Tanaka is in charge of drawing the character designs for So I’m a Spider, So What? Tomohiro Yoshida is the chief animator for the series, Shinji Nagaoka is the art director, and Chieko Hibi is the color designer. Masahiko SuzukiRyō Hirata, and Hiromi Kimura designed the monsters.

    Riko Azuni is performing the opening theme song “keep weaving your spider way” (which can be heard in the promotional video above). Aoi Yūki will perform the ending theme song “Gambare! Kumoko-san.” Shūji Katayama is composing the music for the series as well.

    So I’m a Spider, So What? looks like a promising series to add to the Winter 2021 line up. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series develops.

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