New Promotional Video Released for Deemo’s Movie Adaptation

    The people behind the forthcoming movie adaptation of the rhythm game Deemo have released a new promotional video. Deemo the Movie will expand on the deep and introspective lore laid by its namesake game seven years ago. Take a look!

    Produced by Japanese animation studios Production I.G and Signal.MD, Deemo the Movie will likely cover the plot of Deemo — a mobile game released in 2013 by game developer Rayark — in which a girl named Alice gets spirited away to a strange world. There, she meets a tall and shadowy character who helps her to return to her home world. That shadowy character turns out to be Deemo, the game’s namesake.

    Deemo (left) and Alice (right) serve as the game’s primary characters / Image courtesy of Rayark

    As the two navigate their trials, the game reveals more clues about Deemo’s identity along with the reason why Alice fell into this strange world in the first place. This ultimately culminates in a climactic and very emotional epiphany for Alice.

    Over the years, Rayark’s game has achieved both critical and financial success. It won praises from Kotaku for its plot and music (which Kotaku noted was a “glorious mix of genres”) and garnered a 33/40 score on Famitsu, a popular Japanese game review publication. TouchArcade granted it a 4.5-star rating and also expressed approval of Deemo‘s wide music variety along with the “sense of wonderment” accomplished by the game’s story and visual presentation. The game reportedly raked in around 7 million downloads over just one year of release.

    In June 2015, Rayark released a port to the PlayStation Vita console titled Deemo: Last Recital, and included in it various enhancements like extra story bits along with coop and competitive modes. September 2017 saw the release of a Nintendo Switch port, and a 3D remake of the game arrived on the PlayStation 4 in November 2019. Rayark then announced on December 21, 2019 the development of Deemo II for the Android platform.

    Deemo: Last Recital features 3D gameplay and cutscenes / Image courtesy of Rayark

    Deemo functions as a rhythm score-based game where the player gathers points by activating patterns modeled after the game’s musical notes — a process similar to the Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero franchises. Specifically for Deemo, players have to tap designated areas on the touchscreen in time for points to be recorded and “combos” to be won. Naturally, missing a note breaks a combo and lowers the overall score one potentially gets at the end of a round.

    For this reason, Deemo puts its music front-and-center in its presentation. According to Kotaku, the game sports 28 songs and 84 variations — all of which converge into three difficulty levels. Rather than having the music simply be an eclectic mix, Rayark weaves its game’s music into the plot; with music that spans electronic, orchestral, and even pop genres, Rayark controls the tone of its story as it unfolds. For example, one of Deemo‘s last playable stages features an upwelling of orchestral music entwined with vocals, which makes it perfect for its placement in the plot — the point where Alice realizes who the character Deemo is.

    If Deemo the Movie follows its source material’s penchant for combining powerful musical progressions with a tear-jerking story, it’ll be well worth a watch when it releases. And if you haven’t tried the game itself, you can pick it up for free from Google’s Play Store.

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