Masashi Kishimoto Takes Over Writing Boruto Manga

    The official Naruto/Boruto Twitter account announced on Monday that Masashi Kishimoto would take over writing the Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation manga starting with the 52nd chapter.

    Here’s a translation:

    “About the Boruto manga:

    Starting with Chapter 52 of Boruto, which is set to be published in the December issue of V Jump (on sale November 21), the production team will change as planned from the start.

    We would like to thank Kodachi-sensei for all his hard work on writing the story thus far.

    From now on, we will continue to produce the series based on drafts written by Masashi Kishimoto-sensei.”

    The manga’s original writer, Ukyō Kodachi will be stepping down after the 52nd chapter is released on November 21st. According to the tweet, the staff planned the staff change from the beginning and Kodachi thanked the fans for following his work until now on his personal Twitter account.

    For those that don’t know, Masashi Kishimoto wrote the Naruto manga from its conception in 1999 to its ending in 2014. Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto launched the Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation manga in May 2016. The manga premiered in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that year and ran monthly until July 2019. During that year, Boruto: Naruto The Next Generation transferred to Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. Now, Kishimoto and Ikemoto will be working on the manga together, and the manga will

    Considering that Kishimoto writing the story now it’s anyone’s guess to see how the Boruto manga and eventually the anime will develop over time. My only hope is that Kishimoto decides to let Naruto continue to live. But again, it’s anyone’s guess. Additionally, Ikemoto will continue to be the artist for the manga, so at the very least we can expect a consistent art style for future issues.

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