Anime Los Angeles Rescheduled for January 2022

    Anime Los Angeles announced on Friday, November 13, that the convention will be postponed until January 2022 on their official Twitter account. Sorry anime fans, cosplayers, and convention-goers but it looks like COVID has taken another victim this year.

    According to another tweet from Anime Los Angeles, the convention will take place in Long Beach CA, on January 6-9 2022. Tickets are available on the Anime Los Angeles website until November 30, then there will be a pause until early 2021. As far as accommodations go, the block hotel reservations that Anime Los Angeles had for 2021 will be automatically canceled and there will be new accommodations for 2022 posted on the website in 2021.

    If you already bought tickets for 2021 or if you’re a vendor that already secured a space then there’s some good news. According to the Anime News Network, Anime Los Angeles staff confirmed that the tickets and set floor space will roll over into 2022. Also, the staff confirmed that there will be a limited edition “ALA 2021” pin for artists, vendors, essentially anyone who bought a ticket for the event in 2020.

    Courtesy of the Anime Los Angeles Twitter page.

    The upcoming convention will be Anime Los Angeles’ 17th convention and after a record 12,961 people showed up to the 16th convention in January, who knows how many people would have shown up to the one in 2021. It’s both understandable and commendable that the Anime Los Angeles staff decided to postpone the convention. Yet it begs the question: Why not have a virtual convention? Comic Con NYC had a virtual convention this year and Anime NYC will have a virtual convention later this week. Why can’t Anime Los Angeles do the same?

    According to the Anime News Network, Anime Los Angeles describes the convention as:

    “… a medium-sized, community-focused animé convention with a more moderate-paced environment where you can meet up with old friends and make new ones, while also offering an abundance of diverse programming to keep our members busy and entertained. We are run with our fans in mind with the hopes to bring people closer together while celebrating a common love of Anime, Cosplay, and Fandom.”

    Given that, it makes sense why a virtual version of Anime Los Angeles wouldn’t cut it. The community aspect of a convention just can’t be replaced online. So with the new location and another year to plan, let’s hope that Anime Los Angeles 2022 will be even more amazing than Anime Los Angeles 2021 could have been.

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