Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 2 Review

    Here we are, second episode of Yashahime: Princess Half Demon. After what was essentially Inuyasha Redux last week, it is good to see that we have finally made in into Yashahime’s story and plot. In typical anime fashion, we begin in a flashback with beautiful exposition only an Inuyasha franchise piece could muster.

    Guided by our protagonist and narrator Towa, we see a flashback to her youth in the world of demons. Along with her younger twin sister (for whatever reason fiction always has to remind us that one twin is technically older than the other) Setsuna, Towa were plagued by a fire that eventually sent the older twin through time and to Kagome’s era.

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    From the get-go, we see how prevalent the time travel angel of the show is going to be. For the original series, the time travel was really just a means to an end for our protagonists to go on adventures. As discussed in the previous episode, Kagome’s time traveling shenanigans were never really questioned or discussed in any breaking the space time continuum fashion. But already, in episode two, we have all of our protagonists eventually ending up in the modern era by episode’s end. The original series wasn’t the most complex when it came to storytelling, but here’s hoping we get Stein’s;Gate Demon Edition.

    Now it wouldn’t be much of an anime review without a kick character breakdown. We weren’t given much last episode, but now we have an at least semi decent introduction to our new crew.

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    Towa is our typical tomboyish, tough as nails anime protagonist with a mysterious past. She’s strong, caring and the clear lead we are going to follow through the series. Her shame at “abandoning” her younger sister is the thread of development we will follow for the shows run.

    Setsuna is kind of boring, in that her character is the tough as nails, semi emotionless soldier who will eventually mellow out. As of now, she’s sort of bland, but hey, it’s only episode 2. It took the original series an entire season before Sango was introduced.

    And we have Mohroah, who is so far about what you would expect from the offspring of Inuyasha and Kagome. She possesses a more energized personality than her parents but encapsulates the energy necessary to carry a show on her own. She’s got calmer, go with the flow vibe that should offset any strange awkwardness between the other characters.

    For the most part, this is a very Inuyasha show. From the OST, to the pacing, to the world. The only real difference are the modern-day aspects. Legit, some Yu Yu Hakusho delinquents show up to beat Towa up and then after they fail, they hold her family hostage. It’s an interesting shift from the original. Kagome was so nonconfrontational with people that she was never in any of the real world beat-ups that Japanese high school kids are apparently always going through.

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