When to Expect My Hero Academia Season 5

    Well damn, this is an easy one for me. Usually I gotta do some digging or some math but not this time. Spring 2021. There ya go. This was announced back on October 3rd so I’m a bit late to the party as always, but hey I’m a journalist, what else are we known for? 

    So now what? Well, the English release should be about a month after the official release date. Don’t quote me on that, I’m just basing off of the usual times for this stuff. Expect the usual twenty five episode long, double cour season. It should run for about six to eight months depending on how frequently episodes are released.

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    I know it isn’t super relevant, but for those of you who have Netflix, My Hero Academia Season four will be arriving this November. So uh, this month. Exact date is November 20th. Should be a good time. As someone who needs to catch up with the show it’s going to make my life a lot easier. 

    In other news about season five, Jump Festa is happening (Online due to COVID I believe) December 19th through the 20th. Times for the event are 9AM to 5PM JST. Now, I can’t confirm that a new trailer will drop then, but there is a lot of speculation that one will. It would make sense. 

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    Now, allow me dig down deep into a speculation filled chasm as you have come to know me for.

    Now, In terms of plot, we don’t know much. I mean, you can cheat and read ahead in the manga and know, but for those of us who are lazy or don’t have the time (personally I am just lazy), it’s a lot of speculation. A lot of articles out there are talking about how season five is going to focus on Izuku’s struggle against evil. Which, and correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t that kind of the central plot? I realize that they mean this upcoming season will focus less on struggling with school and tournament arcs and the like, and more on actually battling evil, but still. From a writing perspective anyone who opposes the protagonist is by some extent portrayed in an “evil” light just by virtue of being called an antagonist. They, by definition, antagonize the protagonist. 

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    Courtesy of Funimation

    Oh by the way we’re going into spoiler territory now, so heads up. Anywho, you didn’t come here to listen to some crotchety asshole rant about the “philosophy of writing.” The point is, there’s some plot stuff building. And it’s my turn to speculate. First things first, light recap. All Might has retired because he got aids or something. Endeavor, new best hero, beat up Hood, but not after Hood beat his ass up, so based on the escalation of power the next boy to come at the number one is going to be a big one. Oh and Deku got yeeted into the spirit realm for a bit to talk to the previous Avatars- I mean One For All holders. Hey, speaking of Avatar, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite recurring themes in Japanese media (Yes I know Avatar isn’t Japanese, but it’s relevant and a lot of people have seen it so just piss off). 

    I wish All Might would just shoot me so someone would stop my ranting.

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what the proper name is, so until I know the actual name I’m going to be a pretentious bastard and call it Dharmatic Narrative, in reference to the Dharma Wheel in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Wheel is often used to symbolize many things but one thing it is used to represent is the cycle of death and rebirth. That concept of a never ending cycle is one that is present in a lot of pop culture media, from Dark Souls to Berserk to Dragons Dogma. Those are not at all unrelated. I actually think both Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma were a bit inspired by Berserk.

    Hmm. Oh! I just remembered, you know what else follows Dharmatic Narrative? Avatar: The Last Airbender. There is always an avatar, he has to defeat the big bad, he does so, a new age is ushered in, and the cycle repeats. I’ll assume you see where I am going with this, but I can’t finish unless I prove I have a giant throbbing brain, so I’m going to pull a Kojima and just spell it out.

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    In MHA ever since the rise of Quirks there has always been a Symbol of Evil and a Symbol of Peace. Now this ties into a personal theory that the Symbol of Evil can never kill the Symbol of Peace because it’s an idea and someone will always take up the mantle (and vice versa), but that’s for another time. Point being, With Deku fully inheriting One For All, and the new holder of All For One being the head of the league of evil or whatever, It’s pretty much set up that Deku will inherit the spot of Symbol of Peace and fight the Symbol of Evil as a sort of reflection of the original rivalry between All Might and All For One, a fight that seems to be a recurring conflict. Who knows, maybe they’ll pull a Cain and Abel and have someone close to Deku inherit All For One. Will all this happen season five? Maybe? Probably not. But I’m sure we will see some set up to it. Or something similar.

    One last thing – A theory I’ve seen tossed around that I’m fond of is that the quirk All For One is sentient and takes over its user, like some sort of psychic virus. Which would mean that All For One isn’t dead, and that the fight between All For One and One For All is a fight between powers, not their users.

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