How To Be Weeaboo Trash

    Continue to exist. That’s it guys, that’s the article. Thanks for reading.

    In all seriousness, chances are if you’re reading this you probably are weeaboo trash already. On the off chance that you’re a casual anime fan trying to learn more about otaku culture then welcome. Sit back and enjoy these tips on how to be weeaboo trash so that you can “avoid” becoming that.

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    The first and most obvious step to becoming weeaboo trash is to consume anime and manga like you consume oxygen. If you normally watch an anime or two a week then watch another three or four in the week. If you normally read comics then try picking up a manga or two. Either way, the key to this step is accepting that anime is your life now. Say goodbye to your social life. Say goodbye to the regular shows that you like to watch. Say goodbye to whatever made your life meaningful before this moment. Anything that is not animated and overdramatic is irrelevant.

    The second step to becoming weeaboo trash is to have waifus and/or husbandos. Believe it or not, having a waifu/husbando is not the same thing as having a favorite character. A favorite character is someone that you like and admire. A waifu/husbando is someone that you love to the point that you’re willing to fight anyone on the internet or in real life to defend. There’s no limit to how many waifus and/or husbandos that you have to have to be considered weeaboo trash. But for the sake of the article let’s say you have to have 3 waifus and/or husbandos to be weeb trash.

    The third step to becoming weeaboo trash is to learn Japanese from the anime you watch and slip certain phrases into casual conversation. Let’s be honest, are you really a weeb if Japanglish isn’t a language you speak fluently? Linguistically speaking, it’s natural that you’d pick up bits and pieces of Japanese if you watch a lot of anime with subtitles. As weeb trash myself I will admit that nani, wakarimashita, nandeyo, and baka are part of my vocabulary and I tend to use them in conversation fairly often. Am I proud of this? Not really. But do I accept it? Yes. Because I’m weeb trash (emphasis on trash).

    The fourth step in becoming weeaboo trash piggybacks off the third step. If you use Japanese words and phrases in casual conversation and if you use emoticons like “OwO”, “UwU”, “T_T”, “:3”, and “n_n”, you’re weeaboo trash. Every smartphone has access to emoji’s so taking the time to type out emoticons like this shows dedication to anime and otaku culture. It also makes you trash because it’s 1000% easier to just use emoji’s, but I digress.

    The fifth step to becoming weeaboo trash is to own several (and I do mean several), pieces of anime merch. If you have a shirt from your favorite anime and nothing else, then you’re a fan. If you have wall scrolls, body pillows, figurines of your favorite characters, Gundams, and stuff like that…chances are that you’re weeaboo trash. Anime merch is not cheap in the slightest so if you’re willing to spend your hard-earned money on anime merch, you are truly a dedicated fan. Aka weeb trash.

    The sixth step to becoming weeaboo trash is to accept Japan as the Holy Land and make it your life’s dream to visit there or move there. Japan is the place where they make anime, manga, and the merch that we buy so, of course, it’s the place to visit. Tokyo has an area called Akihabara that is dedicated to selling manga, video games, anime merch, and any other weeby thing you can think of. Plus Japan has some places that are really aesthetically pleasing and kind of niche. You can literally pretend to be an anime character in the place where they make anime. How cool is that?

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    The last, and arguably the most important step in becoming weeaboo trash is to judge normies and other weeaboos. Judge them harshly and without impunity. Logically, I don’t know why this is required to be weeaboo trash, to be honest. But it is a common fact that weeaboos judge other weeaboos harshly on the type of anime they watch, who their waifus/husbandos are, and even the language that they choose to watch anime in. (Looking at you subs vs dubs people). One would think that a weeb meeting another weeb would mean instant friendship, but this just isn’t the case. I don’t make the rules, I just report on them.

    So congratulations, now you know how to be weeaboo trash. Hooray! Now you can either join a humungous community of anime stans or you could also continue to live your life as a casual fan and avoid becoming a weeaboo altogether. As long as you’re having fun and enjoying anime the way you want to, it’s perfectly fine.

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