Beastars Anime Season 2’s New Video Announces January 5 Premiere

    After a lengthy hiatus, the second season of Beastars will premiere on Netflix on January 5th, 2021. The official Twitter account for Netflix Anime in Japan revealed the official release date and the official trailer for Beastars season 2 on November 5th. Sadly, American viewers won’t be able to watch Beastars season 2 on Netflix until April 2021 (because why not, right Japan?) Nevertheless, the trailer for the second season looks promising, so I’m sure that the 4-month wait will be worth it.


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    Based on this trailer, it looks like in season 2 we will be able to answer questions that season one left unanswered.  We will probably get to find out who killed Tem and why they did it. We know the culprit is a carnivore and chances are that the culprit was a member of the drama club. We might finally figure out what the hell happened to Louis after he confronted the Shishigumi.  He was reported as missing afterward, but we never find out if he’s dead or not (I hope he’s not).  We will probably see Legoshi’s and Haru’s relationship develop even more. We’ll probably get to see Rokume play a bigger part in the story than she did in season 1. Most importantly, we will probably see Legoshi develop more as a character as he tries to become stronger while fighting his instincts to eat meat. This probably means that we will also see more intense training scenes with Legoshi and Gohin so woohoo.

    Also based on the trailer, chances are will get to meet new characters that weren’t in any of the source material at all (looking at you Kangaroo guy). Adding a new character to the cast is unexpected because the anime has done a good job of staying true to the manga until now. Yet, I am curious to see how this deviation from the manga will play into the story. Hopefully, the Kangaroo guy will add something to the story, but who knows for sure? I will say that if featuring a new character in the trailer was a tactic to build intrigue, it worked. I am extremely intrigued.

    Although we learned that Beastars was going to get a second season four months ago, the fact we have an official trailer and a concrete release date makes the release feel more real. Given that the first season premiered on Netflix in March 2020 chances are this series made many quarantines a bit more bearable. Beastars is a great anime with extremely compelling and complex characters that I and other anime fans enjoy watching. And given the popularity that season 1 garnered in a matter of months, I’m sure that I am not the only one who looking forward to seeing how Beastars season 2 builds off of season 1. I’m also sure that I am not the only one who is really curious about Kangaroo guy.

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