Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 1 Review (DUB)

    Are we in the finale of the Inuyasha hype article experience? Not even close my friend. So, here’s the scoop, Yashahime is already on episode 6 in its Japanese sub airing, but the English dub featuring almost the full returning cast has just started simulcasting on Funimation’s website. And since this writer has always preferred the English dubbing of shows over the subtitle (I know, I know, the weeb is weak in me) that’s the one I’m going to be covering as it airs.

    It is going to be interesting watching Yashahime because, unlike the original anime where there was a lot of filler spacing within episodes to keep the anime from catching up with the manga too quickly, Yashahime is an original story with no source material. Which should ideally result in a much cleaner narrative that doesn’t have to be watered down with excessive exposition and needless flashbacks. Or so I thought!

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    After watching the beginning , I can safely say that it has captured what made Inuyasha what it was. The first episode does briefly introduce us to our new, not so defined protagonists, Towa, Setsuna and Moroha, but what the first episode really is, is just another Inuyasha episode, and it’s beautiful.

    We start off with a flashback to an adventure that takes place six months after Kagome peaces out from modern day Japan as she decides to live out her days in the pre toilet plumbing days of The Warring States Era as Wikipedia refers to it as. I’ve been watching the original quite a bit lately, and I really do love how this establishing tale seamlessly slides back into the standard formula we have all come to love.

    You got a demon looking for the sacred jewel shard (even though it’s been destroyed), you have Kagome and Inuyasha having weird relationship issues surrounding Kikyo (who’s like legit dead this time I think), you even have a freaking flashback to Kikyo and Onigumo, which is as fantatsic as it is annoyng. It’s as Inuyasha as Inuyasha can get.

    By the end of the episode, it’s clear we are going to have more adventures with the new trio and the world (attention to Kagome messing up the timeline has even been addressed which I’m fairly happy to see as I’ve always wondered what would be the impact of her leaving potato chip bags in feudal japan) but for now, I can feel the nostalgic energy. It’s even continued the show’s tradition of having an okay opening song and a much better ending theme.

    Some quick negatives, the art style is not that good and I’d even go as far as to say, sort of ugly at times. It reminds me of how Dragon Ball Super redesigned their characters to have simple, thinner appearances without as much detail. It’s sort of a bummer considering how nice and full the old anime looked, even The Final Act retained the charm of its predecessor, but at a certain point, I’ve come to expect this now that we’ve moved away from hand-drawn art. A shame, but the dub saves it.

    And yes people have noted that some of the original voice actors don’t quite sound like they used to, but eh, it’s been like a decade since they’ve done the voices, and people age and usually need to find their footing. Most of the crew did great and I’m eager to see where the show is going.  

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