The Hundreds Announces Collab with Secret Heart

    If it hasn’t become abundantly clear, the anime streetwear community has somewhat become the equivalent of the cool new kid at school that all the existing popular kids are dying to add to their ranks. Just last year, Coach and Michael B. Jordan teamed up to create a Naruto inspired collection, and now one of the OG Los Angeles streetwear brands, The Hundreds, have announced their collaboration with Secret Heart, an anime streetwear brand.

    It’s not just rinky-dink streetwear brands taking notice of our community. The recognition is coming from some of the biggest names in the entire fashion industry. Cross-pollination between streetwear and high fashion has been going on for some time now, and now there has been more than a handful of instances of anime streetwear breaking into the scene as well. This sort of thing is absolutely huge for the community, and hopefully going forward more of our brands will be able to get the mainstream recognition they deserve.

    Image courtesy of The Hundreds

    The collaboration (pictured above) is currently available online at The Hundreds’ online store, and features a hoodie in two colorways, t-shirt with three colorways, long sleeved tee, hat, dakimakura, and sticker set. In classic The Hundreds fashion, the main design features their mascot Adam Bomb receive a makeover in the style of their collaboration partner. Personally, I think he looks quite kawaii.

    Even if you don’t normally shop from either of these brands, I reckon that the historical significance of this collaboration alone is enough reason to pick something up.

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