Original Inuyasha Dub Cast Returning for Yashahime: Princess Halfbreed

    In a previous article, I, a bit boisterously mentioned that, and I quote, “Inuyasha is back booooiiiiiiiii”. In this article, however, I must make an amendment and say, that the original dub cast is also back soooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn. It is quite an exciting day for Inuyasha fans. Honestly, I wasn’t particularly worried about this being an issue. There have been many cases of old anime getting rebooted and given a new cast (dear goodness please let Higarashi be one of them) but it is hard to imagine that our beloved half-demon would fall into that category.

    There is something so beloved about the original cast that just couldn’t’ be replaced. Much of the enthusiasm surrounding Inuyasha comes from the nostalgia of listening to the voices we all heard as children. Black Lagoon received a similar treatment when Funimation picked up the original voice crew when Roberta’s Blood Trail was being released.

    Richard Ian Cox, Inuyasha VA

    I don’t know who would have watched this if Richard Ian Cox did not return as Inuyasha. I sure wouldn’t have. His voice was so iconic and gave Inuyasha a charming innocence that helped offset his otherwise gruff exterior (plus Cox’s involvement allows me to keep my fan theory that Inuyasha is an ancestor of Ranma Saotome, as the two share a voice actor). And beyond that, most of the same crew has returned. Even David Kaye, the original and deeply sensual Sesshomaru has returned after being absent from Inuyasha: The Final Act. What a pleasure.

    Photo of the best anime character by Inuyasha.Fandom

    And before it becomes an issue, yes, Moneca Stori is not returning as Kagome. We all knew this after Kira Tozer took over for her in The Final Act. And yes it’s mildly disappointing, but get over it. I will forever love Kagome’s borderline valley girl voice from the original series, but Tozer did a good job picking up where Stori left off, and if anything, it makes sense for the now older Kagome to sound more mature. And she does a pretty good job. It takes a little bit for you to get used to her, but it helps to remember everyone’s voice changes eventually, (except this writer who has sounded about the same since age 14 tragically) but it is what it is.

    Let us just thank the Anime Deities for blessing us with this sweet, sweet, reuniting of the cast. A majority of the show will follow new voice actors for the new characters, but it is good to have the comfort of the originals. And if you’re still complaining, remember we could have ended up with a Shakugan no Shana situation where THE ENTIRE DUB CAST WAS CHANGED IN SEASON 2. You do not understand the rage and sadness that can stir when you are only A THIRD THROUGH A SERIES AND HAVE TO DROP IT BECAUSE THE VOICES YOU’VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO ARE GONE. It’s not fun. However, what is fun is the fact that most of the original Shakugan no Shana voices were in Inuyasha previously. Look at that, we’ve gone full circle. Stay tuned for my Yashahime: Princess Half Demon coverage.

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