iiii clothing to Drop Gorgeous Limited Dark Magician Girl Jacket

    One of the foremost brands in the anime streetwear scene, iiii clothing, has been releasing a flurry of drops and collaborations that have been leaving followers stunned. Recently, it was announced that they had something a bit more special planned. Within a matter of days they will be dropping an oversized denim jacket featuring artwork of the beloved Yu-Gi-Oh! character, Dark Magician Girl.

    In an Instagram post, they showed off their upcoming jacket featuring printing on the front, back, cuffs, and front chest pockets of their Dark Magician Girl design. The comment section immediately flooded with people expressing their desperate need to pick up this jacket as soon as they can.

    It is estimated that there will only be around 100 units of this jacket up for grabs, so I expect it to sell out fast this time. Whether or not they will consider restocking is not yet known.

    An earlier teaser announced that this drop is actually a collaboration between iiii and RESKDSTROY. The release date is set for November 13th at 12 AM PST, and the price is rumored to be set at $150 USD.

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