Top 3 Biggest Surprises of Fall 2020

    Sure, Jujutsu Kaisen is gearing up to be the next edgy shonen that everyone cant stop talking about on Tiktok, Twitter, and the like. But what about the other 40+ shows that began airing this season? Aside from popular comebacks such as Haikyuu!! and Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka III, there are actually multiple other shows that are worth your time as well! Here is a small selection.

    Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon:

    Image by IMDB

    Inuyasha is back boooooooooooi. Who would have thought that of all series to be given a sequel, Inuyasha would make its way back into the mainstream? Personally, as someone who has allowed the quarantine to regress them to binging their anime favorites from youth, Rumiko Takehashi’s long feudal fairy tale getting a new series fills me with unquestionable levels of hype.

    Taking place several years after the seemingly endless journey of Inuyasha, we now follow the twin Daughters of Inuyasha’s older half-brother and aspiring brooding Calvin Klein model, Sesshomorou. Separated and with the assistance of Inuyasha’s daughter Moroha, the twins navigate both modern day and feudal japan as time traveling hijinks ensue.

    Old fans are reveling in this continuation, one that can go anywhere! Remember the original Inuyasha had a whopping total of 193 episodes and 4 movies. And as an active fan of the series, let me tell you, very little happened in that time. So, fans should be eager to see what transpires for the next-gen of Inuyasha children in an era where anime is more and more restricted to 12 episode seasons. And our biggest question will be, how often shall we hear KAGOME!!!!!!!

    Burn the Witch

    Image by Viz Media

    Look, I’ll be the first to say I was not the biggest Bleach fan. Despite the killer artwork and amazing soundtrack of the 2007 adaptation of Tite Kubo’s hit manga, I could never really invest in Bleach. Despite many people considering the Soul Society Arc to be its best, I personally believed that the show went downhill once they got there. Becoming battle centric caused the show to lose some of the smaller, character-driven charms of its early episodes. Burn the Witch however, Tite Kubo’s follow up, appears to be going in a different direction.

    2020 really is the year of follow ups to old series I didn’t really see coming. Burn the Witch follows Witches, Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole as they battle dragons in a fantastical modern version of London. Burn the Witch originally appeared as a movie based on Tite Kubo’s one shot but has since been distributed via streaming as 3 separate episodes.

    Burn the Witch is actually a pleasant surprise as far as this seasons Shonen anime go. Kubo’s particular art style and flair for design shines through and the characters react with the same, lite energy that early Bleach had. The only question now is to see if it can keep its momentum going.

    Sore dake ga Neck

    Image by IMDB

    Holy smokes, not a sequel! Sore dake ga Neck is a weird series. And not something really anybody is talking or raving about. Which honestly, they shouldn’t. It’s a short series with barely 3-minute episodes following a strange convenient store as its employees and customers seemingly go missing after encountering the store’s “nice” worker, Mutou. A certain level of mystery and intrigue has been imbued into the story, which will hopefully get you past the animation quality. The show’s animation is lacking to say the least, with a cheapness that some may find irritating. However, for such a brief palate cleanser of a series, it acts as a nice reprieve from the high production, high commitment series we have been getting this season. It gives off a similar vibe as the hilarious Cromarte High School. Highly recommend to stream while sitting on the toilet.

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