Misfits X Junji Ito Collaboration Announced

    Two of the worlds most iconic horror aesthetics are set to collide in a way that’s sure to leave a spooky impression on your bank account. Thanks to Crunchryoll and their #CRLoves line, we now have access to an amazing pairing that absolutely no one saw coming: legendary Misfits Records and famed horror mangaka Junji Ito.

    Misfits Records, founded in 2002, has easily become one of the most famous punk labels on the planet while also managing to become equally as recognizable in the realm of skater-centric streetwear. Seriously, if you’ve ever set foot in a Tilly’s, Zumiez, Hot Topic, or Urban Outfitters in the last decade, you’re guaranteed to have laid your eyes upon their ubiquitous skeletal logo at least a handful of times.

    And who could have thought of a more fitting pairing than with the world’s most acclaimed horror mangaka? Ito’s portfolio is home to a bevy of now-classic titles such as Uzumaki, Tomie, and Gyo, which have been responsible for thousands upon thousands of nightmares all around the globe.

    CR Loves Junji Ito X Misfits 20 Eyes Crew Sweatshirt

    I guess we can’t say this is a total surprise, as Junji Ito has previously released apparel and merchandise with Crunchyroll as early as 2019, some of which is still available through their online shop.

    The Misfits collaboration features ten pieces on preorder: two hoodies, two pullover sweatshirts, five shirts, and a bandana. Some of the pieces are exclusive to the Misfits Records store and Crunchyroll store respectively, so take your time picking out what you want!

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