When to Expect Overlord Season 4

    Without actually having a release date for the show we are left to plain old speculation. And that isn’t exactly the easiest. The difficulty of figuring out the release date is multipart. First off, it has pretty much been confirmed that there will be a fourth season, kinda. During an interview at AnimagiC Con 2019 in Germany, the Scriptwriter/author, Kugane Maruyama, is reported as saying that a fourth season of Overlord is “Extremely Likely.” If you’ve been looking into this for a while you’ve probably already read that quote. You also probably know that quote is the closest thing we have to an official confirmation. It’s…not much. 

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    The real issue is that, at the moment, the anime has pretty much caught up to the Manga, and manga production is going slowly at best. Comics are hard, shit takes time. So first we have to wait for enough of the manga to be put out that we have enough content for a season, then it has to be animated, and then voice acted, and so on and so forth. You get the idea.

    The second issue is that the novels the manga is based on are also not finished, so for the manga to be created we have to wait for the novels to be put out first. It’s a whole confusing system. Oh, then there’s this third issue in that season four would have to be done differently than before. Essentially, up until this point, the anime has translated three books-worth of content to the anime, but for the upcoming season they would likely have to adapt six books to anime (this is mostly due to how the recent story was structured, with some of the books bleeding into each other). Also, the fifteenth book isn’t out yet. Yaaay…all this hurts my head. Speculation seems to put a release date at somewhere around fall season 2021, but honestly? At this rate I’m not too sure about that. I’m a bit of a pessimist though, so take that with a grain of salt. I don’t want to get your hopes up.

    Courtesy of Christopher Guerrero, voice actor of Ainz/Momonga

    Let’s at the very least break down what we know. So, right now, we are currently waiting for the release of book fifteen of Overlord before animation can start. Officially it was slated for a late 2020 release, but you’ve seen how this year has gone. In addition, Kugane Maruyama tweeted out that the restaurant he usually writes at has shut down due to COVID 19, so that’s causing even more delays. From what I could see Maruyama has made no recent estimates for when book fifteen will be released, and his publisher has no releases from him scheduled, so that’s a dead end. Oh and by the way, said publisher does not have an English website. I did not expect one, but still, it makes things difficult.

    If I’m being realistic, I’d say that perhaps book fifteen will be released winter season 2021 at the earliest. From there it usually averages about a year or two for a twelve episode season, about the usual length of the overlord season, though truth be told I’d assume that because they are incorporating twice the material they would do more than just twelve. But let’s say they do only twelve episodes, and that book fifteen comes out early 2021, and that they start animating the show as soon as the book is out; I would say that the earliest possible release of season four of Overlord is winter-spring 2022. But what do I know? You can now thank me for my hours of fruitless digging.

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