Top 5 Digivolutions (SPOILERS)

    One of the Digimon franchise’s most hype and badass moments will always be those flashy transformation sequences where a digimon morphs into a more powerful form of itself, complete with a beautiful rendition of the song “Brave Heart” (or “Digimon Garlic Champions”) in the background. After digivolving, the digimon not only gains new abilities, but usually also looks much more awesome. How about we take a look at five such digivolutions?

    5. Wargreymon (Adventures)

    The ‘mon we all know and love.

    Wargreymon, the Mega form of Digimon Adventure‘s mascot Agumon, is the culmination of the tiny orange dinosaur’s digivolution line. Whereas Agumon’s Greymon and MetalGreymon forms are distinctly beastial T-Rex-like giants, Wargreymon — with his sleek anthropomorphized body and firm asscheeks — embraces the low-key love for furrydom that Digimon‘s designers allegedly exhibit. Clothed in his magnificent pauldrons, muscle-aesthetic body armor, and be-clawed gauntlets, Wargreymon rules the air by launching Spirit Bombs down on his enemies.

    4. MagnaAngemon (Adventures)

    Arguably one of the most important moments in Digimon Adventures, the digivolution of T.K.’s Angemon to MagnaAngemon completes four arcs’ worth of digirectile dysfunction as Patamon/Angemon consistently straggle behind the rest of the Chosen digimon in achieving anything at all. With most of the digidestined entombed in sellable keychains and Kari about to splat the ground with him, T.K. activates his crest of Hoping Not to Die Somehow and manages to help his Angemon go from twink to f–king bara in magnificent fashion.

    Unf./Purple lightsaber appears after this frame.

    And boy is MagnaAngemon magna-ificent. With that towering swole wideness, luxurious hair, and (English dub only) deep silky voice, he radiates an angelic masculinity hitherto unseen amongst the other Chosen’s mons. Plus, he uses his very long, hard, and glowing purple lightsaber to cut down the evil Piedmon with ease! Samuel Jackson would be proud.

    3. Magnadramon (Tri)

    Awoo./Magnadramon’s design evokes the look of Eastern dragons and beagles.

    Furries all over the world erupted in applause on seeing Gatomon’s Mega evolution in Digimon Tri. On the other hand, lovers of midriffs and belly buttons bemoaned the lack of midriffs and belly buttons in this alternate form of Gatomon’s Ophanimon. Still, Magnadramon brings Gatomon’s evolution line to a full circle — with her pre-evolutions being bestial in nature, then Gatomon being a bipedal cat, then Angewomon being an angel-themed BDSM model, and finally Magnadramon returning to her furry roots as a fluffy pink dog.

    2. Beelzemon (Tamers)

    Grim, dark, edgy. Mega-ranked Beelzemon became possible because the partner-less Impmon made an evil pact with a Deva. As Beelzemon, Impmon earns the right to wear biker gang clothing, fly with black angel wings, and shoot things with actual guns. Coupled with the fact that he can consume and adopt data from the digimon he kills, Beelzemon’s abilities make him a force to be reckoned with.

    One of the Digital World’s foremost Hot Topic fashion icons.

    Tamers grants Beelzemon a story arc befitting his appearance as he, metaphorically and literally, evolves from a power-hungry antagonist to a lost edgelord trying to atone for his sins. Initially lusting after all that juicy data that’ll give him several legs up against his opponents, he starts questioning his own evilness after a girl grants him mercy — her act of forgiveness being all the more impactful because he actually killed her Digimon partner Leomon (to much shock and surprise). When she gets captured, Beelzemon dedicates himself to saving her and eventually redeems himself anime-style (with lots of painful self-sacrifice).

    1. Omnimon

    What’s an anime without a good mecha-style FUSION-HA element? Pokemon, that’s what it would be.

    I can’t promise this isn’t Evangelion.

    In Adventures, Omnimon comes into existence when the two Obvious Lead Characters™ Tai and Matt realize that the only way to win the fight is to take their relationship to the next level — their friendly matrimony causing their digimon to become one. To make that symbolically clear, Omnimon has the heads of Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon as its hands. The heads open to sprout a sword and a hand cannon; while this probably makes holding coffee mugs a pain in the arse, Omnimon has plenty of ways to send its enemies off in fearsome style.

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