Anonymous;Code Launch Date Announced and Chiyomaru Studio have announced via livestream that their game Anonymous;Code will launch in Fall 2021 (Q3/Q4 2021) in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The announcement came with an exciting trailer revealing some of the game’s important characters along with snippets of the gameplay.

    During an interview on Famitsu, MAGES’ company president Chiyomaru Shikura also discussed the possibility of a concurrent launch on the PlayStation 5.

    The release of Anonymous;Code will conclude a long developmental process since 2016, when Shikura stated that the game will be launched in Japan during the winter of that year. This, however, was followed by a statement that the game would likely see a 2020 release.

    As the latest installment in the Science Adventure video game series, Anonymous;Code will follow in the series’ steps by presenting a visual novel format. Its plot takes place in the year 2037 and revolves around a tech-related “2036 Problem” that results in catastrophic destruction in the world’s major cities. Because another Problem is forecast for the year 2038, a supercomputer called Gaia is built to solve the issue — which it does by building a simulation of Earth, one that results in some reality-bending discoveries.

    As the protagonist, Takaoka possesses an almost meta ability bordering on reality-warping.

    Pollon Takaoka, the game’s protagonist, is a hacker and has the ability to “Save&Load” his existence like how one can save and load data files in video games. With a strange girl named Momo, Pollon must seek out the mysteries behind the Earth Simulator.

    Interestingly, the “Year 2038 problem” actually exists IRL. Also known as Y2k30, it involves the fact that many digital systems represent time as the number of seconds passed since January 1, 1970 in the form of a signed 32-bit integer. Because of this limitation, time will essentially “run out” on these systems on January 19, 2038. Naturally, this can result in lots of errors in the tech world.

    Anonymous;Code shares the same universe with all the games of the Science Adventure series. Started in 2008 with Chaos;Head, the series sports six core games (with a seventh in development), six side games, and an additional two games that were internally referred to as Science Visual Novel. Anonymous;Code falls into the Science Visual Novel category, which — despite originally being announced as separate from Science Adventure — has now been absorbed into the series. The Science Visual Novel games deal with the Occultic;Nine light novel series, which started its run in 2014 and has received an anime series adaptation in 2016.

    Screencap from Steins;Gate’s opening/The anime follows the story of a scientist attempting to defy time.

    Of the Science Adventure series, anime fans will quickly recognize Steins;Gate. The game was released for the Xbox in 2009 and received critical acclaim along with an anime adaptation — the anime itself becoming one of the most well-regarded animes in the anime community. In Steins;Gate, a scientist finds a discrepancy in the time-space continuum when he stumbles on a dead body of a researcher whom he then finds alive. The anime and game both delve into time travel and communication methods, and the consequences of disrupting the chronological flow.

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