Top 5 Most Iconic Madhouse Anime

    Chances are if you watch anime, you’re familiar with Madhouse Studios.  Ever since Madhouse studios opened up in 1972, they have produced some truly amazing anime that any anime fan would recognize.  Here is a list of five of the most iconic anime from Madhouse Studios that any and every anime fan should consider watching.

    5. Trigun

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    Trigun is not one of the most recognizable titles that Madhouse studios have produced for newer fans of anime.  Considering that Trigun was released in 1998, this is to be expected.  However, Trigun is iconic because Vash the Stampede is arguably one of the best protagonists in shonen anime history. The man legitimately spends the whole anime just vibing, eating donuts, and protecting innocent people with his unparalleled shooting ability. If I’m being honest, Vash is literally Goku with a gun and better discernment about picking battles. How could you not like someone like that? When you give a stunning red coat and immaculate gun control to that powerful peace-loving goof, you get an iconic protagonist for an iconic anime.

    4. Death Parade

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    Death Parade is iconic in its own right because it’s objectively well made and extremely underrated.  In 12 short episodes, Death Parade gives us an in-depth view of how their world and their version of purgatory works. This show gives us multidimensional characters who also happen to be drawn in a stunning art style, which is always appreciated.  Lastly, Death Parade provides us with a pretty complex story that has a satisfactory ending, which is an iconic feat in itself.  Yet, not a lot of people talk about it.  Death Parade is short, sweet(well, maybe sweet) and definitely at the top of everyone’s list of anime that deserves a second season.  If that doesn’t make this series iconic, I don’t know what will.

    3. One Punch Man

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    One Punch Man is one of the more recognizable titles that Madhouse produced and with good reason.  It’s is a hilarious superhero parody about Saitama, a man with an egg-shaped head and a blank expression, who is so overpowered that he destroys his enemies with exactly one punch.  It’s been said that Saitama is so powerful that anime fans tend to forget that he’s a parody of the shonen protagonist.  Can you say iconic?  Saitama spends his living life, making friends, helping people, and trying to find people that he won’t obliterate after one punch. As he should.  Saitama is relatable, hilarious, and extremely memeable.  One Punch Man was released in winter 2015 and there are still One Punch Man memes and reaction pictures circulating on social media in 2020. Again, can we say iconic?

    2. Death Note

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    Death Note is one of the most recognizable series that Madhouse has produced.  Almost everyone has either seen or heard about Death Note in some capacity.  But what makes this anime so iconic?  Why is it number two on this list?  It’s the story.  The storyline of Death Note is what makes it so iconic.  I mean, a seventeen-year-old boy finds a book that can literally kill people because a death god was bored and wanted to see what would happen.  Then that seventeen-year-old boy takes it upon himself to rid the world of criminals and gets caught up in a truly intense game of cat and mouse that lasts for the entire series.  How many other anime can you think of with a storyline like that?

     1. Hunter x Hunter

    Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    Yes. Hunter x Hunter is the most iconic anime that Madhouse has produced. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be.  Hunter x Hunter is an extremely popular series, with both new and old fans alike.  It has action, comedy, adventure, great fight scenes, and a really sophisticated power system.  What truly makes this series iconic, however, is the characters.  The entire cast of Hunter x Hunter is utterly amazing, and multidimensional.  There are characters like Gon, who are sweethearts, so it’s hard not to root for them.  There are characters like Killua who can be a little abrasive and arrogant (Killua stans don’t kill me) and extremely powerful, so you kind of have to respect him.  Then there are characters like Hisoka who are terrifying (Hisoka stans don’t kill me) yet amazing to watch on screen.  When you combine these kinds of characters with the traits listed above, it’s no wonder that Hunter x Hunter is the most iconic Madhouse-produced anime.

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