Fire Force Episode 42 Review (SPOILERS)

    Episode 42 is split into two parts so this review will be split into two parts.  I wasn’t expecting too much out of this episode because it’s filler,  but Fire Force hasn’t done a bad job with filler yet. So I was prepared to chill out, laugh a bit, and learn a bit more about the characters.  It’s safe to say I did just that. 

    Part 1: The Holy Woman’s Anguish

    This half of the episode focuses on Iris, and how she feels about worshipping Sol after finding out that the Evangelist essentially created Sol and the Holy Sol temple.  This is particularly important because after finding out that the Evangelist essentially conjured the religion that the Empire started society from, we get to see how vital Iris is to Company 8.  Additionally, this is one of the few episodes where Iris exists as an individual with thoughts and feelings.  She starts to question her faith in Sol and the church, and as a result, she can’t baptize company 8’s equipment properly.   We don’t get a lot of episodes where Iris has the chance to be in the spotlight, as she’s usually delegated to the background, so kudos to the writers for giving us this.

    Also, this half of the episode gives us a lot of adorable moments between Shinra and Iris.  Shinra shows Iris how important she is to Company 8, and restores her faith in Sol.  Shinra is there to support Iris, makes himself available to her when she needs mental help, and this part of the episode ends with Shinra giving Iris a piggyback ride.  Not only is this extremely adorable, but it shows how much Shinra really cares for Iris.  Making Iris the focal point of this part is probably the best thing that the writers could do to show us how the church is handling the news about the Evangelist.  Not to mention the foreshadowing at the end where Iris and Amaterasu change faces momentarily was *chefs kiss*.

    Shinra giving Iris a piggyback ride home. Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    Part 2: The Man, Assault

    This half of the episode made it super clear that this was a filler episode.  It focuses on Assault, the White Clad assassin, and his many attempts to defeat Tamaki and her lucky lecher lure.  In a matter of 15 minutes, we see Assault go from a pure man to a borderline degenerate all in the name of training to defeat Tamaki in battle. This man consumes a lot of porn, goes to hostess bars to flirt with women, he even resorts to peeping under women’s skirts on a windy day to make himself immune to Tamaki’s lechery.  His first few attempts at defeating her fell flat though (obviously) and the episode ends with Tamaki and Assault facing off in a field somewhere. Assault admits internally that he has a crush on Tamaki  (so new ship I guess???) and the episode ends on a cliffhanger. It looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see if Assault becomes one of the few men that is immune to fan service. Although given his track record, I highly doubt that. In any case, this second half was hilarious. It was definitely a way to lighten the mood after the previous dramatic episodes.

    Assault is defeated by fanservice
    Assault is defeated by fanservice. Image courtesy of Madhouse.

    All in all, I enjoyed this episode of Fire Force. I would give it an 8/10. This series seems to have a good track record with filler episodes and I hope that doesn’t change.  I’m looking forward to the series advancing the plot further

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