FIGHTBOI Unlimited Coverage Hiring Interns

    Are you a devout anime fan?

    Do you follow multiple anime, and stay up to date on otaku culture?  Do you consider being called a “weeb” a compliment? Is going to a convention your ideal vacation? Good. you’re just like us. Do you spend more money on Nendoroid than going outside? Do you sing along to every anime opening every chance you get? 

    Do you love sharing your opinion on anime? Do you have interesting ideas that you can cohesively present? Do you have a history of writing, be it on your personal blog or any other outlet? If you want to gain hands-on experience in the world of online journalism, this opportunity is perfect for you.  

    If you can answer yes/no to even half of these questions, we want to chat! We’re looking for fun, and energetic interns who live and breathe anime to join us in our San Diego office. Some interns will even get to join our traveling convention team all around the country. All expenses paid, of course! If you can’t make the commute, and you still want to join the team, we’re hiring off-site interns too.  Who doesn’t love working from home? We want you to share that passion! 

    Here’s a brief breakdown of the requirements of both positions:


    (we are only offering off-site interns at this time)


    • ​​Four months of 7-12 articles a week
    • Extremely flexible schedule
    • Unpaid
    • Biweekly Discord calls with editors and owners
    • Know how to spam UWU on twitch
    • Join our writer group on Discord
    • Potential all expenses paid trip to high profile conventions (Comic Con, Anime Expo, & E3)
    • FREE Company shirt
    • Desire and willingness to learn about earning a living from your passion
    • College credit potential

    Resume is required and writing samples are preferred. Please send any and all information to Again, if you can’t actually commute to San Diego, but you want a shot at joining the team, we’re hiring for off-site interns as well!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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